ReZoom The Boom!
Jim Cathcart & his Musical Friends's are fun loving experienced performers who can engage your audience in a memorable musical experience. 
Jim Cathcart - Singer, Songwriter, Best selling Author, & Speaker

Jim is our main guy, sometimes he does the show all by himself but more often he is joined by his wife Paula on vocals and Dave Heroux on lead guitar. Jim is a world famous professional speaker and the author of 18 books. When he's not giving speeches he LOVES making music! 

Singing and Playing the Hits of the Baby Boom Era 1950s, 60s & 70s. 1, Living Room or House Concerts 2


Starting in the 1960s Jim performed in bars, cocktail lounges and night clubs solo and as part of a 2 man music and comedy group. Then after many years of speaking around the world he revived his musical performances as ReZoom The Boom!

In recent years Jim has performed in China, Spain, Alaska, Texas, Chile, Costa Rica, Arizona, Philadelphia and, of course, here in California. 

Paula Cathcart - Singer

Paula and Jim sang together on their first date and knew it would be a great match. They have been married for more than 46 years now! Her sweet voice is even better trained than Jim. Her solos and their harmonies will capture your heart. 


Beginning in high school Paula was part of a musical troupe and has been singing in church all of her life. She fills every day with singing...literally. She seems to never stop! and we love that. You will too. 

Dave Heroux - Lead Guitar

Dave and Jim have been playing together for almost 8 years. Starting at Sherwood Country Club, then 4 years of monthly shows at Bogie's Night Club and now at The BeanScene for over 3 years this is a long-term friendship. Dave adds a lot of fun to the shows, especially on the more "Rocking" numbers like: Hotel California, Johnny Be Good, For What It's Worth, and Take It Easy. 

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