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Booking shows now from our new home base in Austin, Texas. We have appeared recently at Cooper's BBQ downtown, at Poodie's Roadhouse for a 20 minute show, at a house concert on the shore of Lake Austin and on stage at Hudsons on Mercer in Dripping Springs. We are always ready to sit in with your musicians or do a show on our own for you. 

July and August, 2022 Jim did a full one hour show at ACME nightclub on Broadway in Nashville and on August 18 Jim and Paula did a guest performance at the famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge on Broadway! 


September 18, Saturday, we performed from 6:30 to 7:30pm at Hudson's on Mercer Street in Dripping Springs, TX just west of Austin. No cover charge.

Chad and Natasha Hudson do the main show at 8pm and we are thrilled and honored to be their opening act. Hudson's is a professional music venue with full stage, bar, food service, dance floor and even a music school in the back. Many well known performers have graced this stage and we're grateful to join them. Hudson's will broadcast live on their Facebook page so you can tune in from anywhere. Anytime we are playing we hope you'll Come and join us. 
Bring your friends and family to enjoy  the drinks and great food along with the music you grew up on.
COVID-19 has changed our world I respect that

Many people are concerned about health measures. Though I don't wear a mask during performances, I do respect protocols and will wear a mask and sanitize if requested when off stage. 

My main job is to entertain and add warmth and joy to the event so that 's what I do, and I stay out of the way of others who have a different job to do. 


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